Color Match

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We are here to help!
If you are struggling to choose the correct hair extensions colour set to match your hair, do not worry. Here are some tips on how you can go about to find the correct match
1. Choosing the right match
When choosing the right colour to match your own hair colour, always choose a colour that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. If your hair is all one solid colour, then this rule does not apply. If you dye your hair or your hair has multiple tones of shades, then please follow this rule to ensure the best blend and match. The reason being is that your roots change colour over time (especially if you dye your hair) leaving the rest of your hair to be a different shade. So in order to ensure a proper and more natural look, choose the hair colour with the closest match from the middle to the ends of your hair. 
Keep in mind that all of our hair sets are multi-tonal which is extremely beneficial because the hair looks more natural with multiple undertones to make it look more seamless and natural. So rest assured that even if your hair is between for example a medium and light brown and you end up purchasing the medium brown, it will still blend in perfectly because of the natural undertones in each of our shades.
2. Ordering the set
When you have ordered your Sandiemz Hair Clip in extensions and are still worried that the color might not match, do not worry as we have a tester piece for you to try on. Each of our sets has a separate section in our packaging that has a tester piece that is separated from the rest of the hair set. This piece is for you to try on to see if it matches. If it matches, great! If not, then its no problem, simply place the tester piece back into the package and return or exchange it. Please make sure not to open the bigger section with rest of the hair (there will be a sticker on that section, if removed, the set can not be returned for hygienic reasons). 
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Still need help?
No problem, that is what we are here for. Here is what we will need from you
1. If possible, have someone take the pictures for you. We will need a picture from the front, back and sides of your hair. We need pictures that show your hair colour from roots to ends. Please do NOT send pictures of just your roots. 
2. The pictures are most preferred if they are taken in natural light. Meaning, do not take pictures under direct sunlight, or take pictures at night or under bathroom lighting. We need it to be in a natural light (outside or by a window). 
3. Send 3 or more pictures that you are 100% sure accurately showcase you current hair color. 
After finalising your pictures, simply email us at and we will provide you with our personal and professional recommendations of which hair extensions color will match you best.