5 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

If you are considering buying hair extensions but are not sure if you should take the plunge or not, we will be sure to help you make that decision with this blog post.

In this post we will list the top 5 reasons as to why you should wear hair extensions. We all know that they are the best invention ever for those who want to add length and volume in an instant, but did you know they can do much more than that? Keep reading to find out what else they can do.



Hair Growth

Are you one of the many people who struggle with hair growth? Are you frustrated and fed up with the fact that your hair just will not grow past a certain point? Well you are not alone and this is why the magic of Clip in Hair Extensions comes into play. If you have been dreaming of getting mermaid like hair (that gorgeous long hair), then Clip in Hair Extensions is the next thing you should be investing in now. They will transform your hair from short and thin to long and thick in literally mere minutes. No you will not damage your hair and No it is not permanent and you can remove it at any time. It is the best thing a girl can ask for. Sounds to good to be true? check out these pictures.

Bad Hair Cut

we have all been in that situation where we went to the hairstylist, asked for a certain amount to be cut off, ended up getting double cut off. It has happened (and will continue to happen) to most of us, but fear no more, because we got you covered...literally. Using Clip in Hair extensions will both hide the terrible hair cut you got by adding more volume and length, but also it will not damage your hair as it will allow your natural hair to grow without any damage done to it whatsoever. 


hair extensions




Many of us suffer from thinning hair and hair loss and it can really affect one's confidence. But rest assured because we are here to help in any we can to get your confidence back. Using Clip in Hair Extensions for thin hair can help by adding that volume you need to the areas where the hair is thin and frail. We recommend using the 120g hair set if you have fine hair as it will add volume but will not be heavy on your natural hair when you clip them on. Also it will create a more natural look.



Are you one of those people who have always wanted to experiment with color but have been afraid to take the chance? I know I have. The fear of damaging your hair or simply just not liking how the color turns out after you have dyed your hair is not pleasant, Hair Extensions makes this decision very easy for you to make as it allows you to play around with trying on different colors, maybe that ombre look that you've been dying to try, or simply mixing in two different colors to create a balayage look to your hair. And this all comes with ZERO damage done to your hair and with ZERO long term commitment. It's a win win situation.


ombre hair extensions




Absolutely no damage will be done to your natural hair when you wear Clip in Hair Extensions. Unlike other hair extensions available in the market such as bonding and tape ins, those cause your natural hair not to grow properly while also damaging it. 


clip in hair extensions



We have all envied those girls that have such nice long thick braids or that high pony tail or those beautiful thick and full bouncy curls. Though we may not all be blessed with such thick long hair, we can use clip in hair extensions to help us out and give us a boost of style when we need it. Change up your look from day to day or if you have a special occasion with various looks that can be achieved using clip in hair extensions. Some of the pictures below are an example of what can be achieved when using your Sandimez Hair clip in extensions.


hair extensions


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